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School Fundraising

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Fundraising for your school just got a whole lot easier. Montana Charm offers several products for raising monies for your school. We offer T shirts, Hoodies, Travel Mugs, Stadium seats and blankets, plus much more, for your fundraising needs. Most school fundraiser programs use a percentage ratio of sales scale. At Montana Charm we give a straight 30% of sales to your school starting from the first sale.

Together we'll set up a two week time frame for your sale. We provide promotion samples and posters to display at your school/events. We set up a designated web page where your school families can log on and place an order. This also allows out of state relatives to order, All out of state orders will be shipped by us and a copy of their paid invoice will be submitted to you along with your final shipment.

All garments/items will ship/be delivered to your school sale coordinator 10 - 14 days after end date of the sale. Individual orders will be separated, packaged and labeled with a copy of their invoice for easy customer pick up.

At the end of your fundraising sale, with your permission, we will continue the website link for further sales for your school  and send a sales profit payment to your school each month.

We also offer fundraising sales to individual school groups such as Cheerleading, Dance Club, Band etc. and special school events such as Homecoming, Prom and Graduation.

If interested, please contact us for more details to set up your next school fundraiser.

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